I found this Brass Door Knob at a Town Hall/ Church  founded 1906. This was buried 9" Deep

Here is an old Saddle buckle. I found this across the river from where a Historical Blacksmih shop once stood.

I suspect this to be a handle for a crate or lantern. This was found where a Railroad depot once stood.  

This was in the same hole as the handle that was retrieved where the old railroad depot once stood. 

This is a relic from my past. As soon as I pulled it from the ground I knew exactly what it was. It is an S hook that old steel bench swing hung on.  This was late 70"s Early 80's

This button was found next to an old Laundry mat. Front and back view.    <----->

I found this at an OLD MIll that use to be one of Henery Fords early Factories.

Back side of Ford Cap. 

I found this at an old 1800's Park. It is a solid Steel Letter I. I am not sure what this went to but, know it is before my time!

Old boot or shoe buckle.

Front and back side of a metal button. Nice old one! 

I found this at an old Railroad location which is now a tot lot. I do not know the age or what this was used for. Note the rollers on both ends.

This Iron Bracelet size ring was found at the same old RR location and the t handle tool. 

Here are some old Iron Relics found.

Here is another relic from my childhood. Tis is a steel pin used for dropping in a rig that connects a weighted sleigh to a horse. This was used for the pony pulls at the fair. 

Horse Shoe........ Maybe ????????? I found out this is an OX SHOE


Couple of Oldies! 

Square Nut.

The key was broke off in this lock. 

The National Defense Service Medal is awarded to anyone who serves on active duty in the United States military during a wartime period . For service in the Gulf War and War on Terrorism, it is also authorized for members of the Reserves or National Guard ordered to active duty or who are performing "reserve service in good standing" which normally translates as regular attendance at monthly drills and performance in yearly training.[citation needed] The National Defense Service Medal is further authorized to students at the service academies after they are sworn into service, but is not granted to discharged or retired veterans who did not serve in one of the above time periods. The medal is not authorized for members of the inactive reserve component.
This was dug at a school playground!

Old Suspender claspe. 

Misc. collection of items dug. Buttons, lids, etc. 

Dug this by an old railroad station. Thought I had a luggage tag . Was thrilled with the date on this tag though!

The musket ball above weighed 5 grams and the one to the right weighed in at 15 grams. 

This was a surface find in a field. I scanned my detector over it and picked up a hunk of iron. I tossed it back down and caught a glimpse of letters on it. I used electrolysis on it and here is the outcome. Very happy I picked it back up. 

This was dug next to a 1800's Battlefield. I think it may be a bayonet. I have seen othe blunt bayonets which is what I feel this is. 

Found this along the side of a river. -------------------------->

Dug this 1938 Railplate from the middle of a yard. Suspect the rail came through there at one time. 

This was only photographed. Revolutionary War Heros Grave 

located this at an old dump.  

Val found this beauty in the bottom of a river!  

Another river find. An old Iron. 

This is an old head lamp with the glass still in place!  

Lucky used horse shoe. River find 

Possible spur. 

Dug this from a demolished sidewalk site.  Some sort of buckle or badge. Petersburg, MI 

Dont know what either of these items are.  

This was dug when an 1800's sidewalk was ripped up in town. Nice Axe Head!  

This was a real exciting find. Unsure what this is. It may be babbot metal. Still hoping for silver though. lol  

A vintage Princess Pat Make up compact.  

An old tin plate 

A homemade lead button from the 1800's 

This was dug in a park. I am doing research to get this back where it belongs.  

Marine Good Conduct Medal first issue 1896. 

REV Side Good Conduct Medal.  

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