This is my 1st Buffalo ever dug! So exciting! Dug a lot of pull tabs for this one!  

This is the oldest Mercury Dime I have dug to date. 4/29/2010.  Came from a church driveway that was ripped up. 

This one came from an old hunted out park. I was real surprised to see this one.  

This silver cert came in change from a local gas station.   

This 1895 IH was the 1st of the year! I love pulling 1800 coinage out of the ground! This came from a new side walk project. The pickings are slim this time due to the top 4 inches of soil was removed.:( 

1896 IH is #2 for the year! Whoo hoo!  

This is a drive way coin. All driveways on one side of the street was tore up due to construction.  

Here is my total finds for April 2010.  

I made a goal for 2010 to find 30 Wheat pennies for the year. I would of NEVER dreamed the Etrac would of found 32 in one month! Thats awesome!  


This is my oldest wheat dug to date. Still looking for that 1909........ S VDB! lol 

Found at an old farm house 

Dug at a one room school house 

Dugv these 2 at an old Farm house. 

Val got this one in change. 

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