I found this at a local city park.There was an extreme thaw and  this was laying in a melting pile of snow and mud! I could not believe my eyes when I realized it still worked! 

I found this soldier buried 9" at a tot lot/city park dating back to 1820. This little guy made my detector sing loud!

Other Side.

I was walking with my detector and headphones on when I heard my phone ring. I quickly pulled my headphones off and realized this was not my phone. I followed the sound and found this in a pile of muddy leaves. The alarm was going off.  The Battery died before I was able to get a number out of it.

I found these at a closed up school. 

 Here are my rides at my "CRIB" lol The far left car was in such rough shape that I could not clean it because it has started to fall apart.

This belonged to someone in the family! lol

I found this at my childhood home. This was my prized toy as a child

I do not have a clue as to what this is ??????????  I have just been informed that it is some sort of bullet.

Big Old Gas Cap ----------------------------------------------------------------->

Found at a fire hall, Monroe MI

This was one of my as a child. Found wilcox RD. 

My first scout neckerchief slide. Tiger cub, I believe.

another retired racecar! ; ) 

I found these four soldiers in a tot lot. The same as the horseman I found at the top of this page. 

 A Saddle Decor piece.

Saddle Screw-------------------------------------------------------------->

I found this Made in the USA toy at my childhood home. I am told that it is a tootsie toy wedge racer.

Another awesome find @ my childhood home. 

I think this one may of been my brothers. 

Another one of my lil Brothers! 

This was my step side pick up. Dug at the old homestead. Guess mom should of believed me when I told her I lost my toys and the cleanliness of my room had nothing to do with it! ;)

No glass or money found with these! Just mason jar lids  12 inches deep............. No shine either! lol

The last time I touched these, I was 11 years old.

There sure were a lot of pepsi caps in that yard. 

My favorite find so far. 

Dug from an 1800's location. Possibly silver.

Boy Scout Button

Tootsie Toy Badge. 

1973mhsaa.pdf 1973mhsaa.pdf
Size : 0.366 Kb
Type : pdf

New Buffalo Beach. 

local parks sand box find. 

Pair of keys. I think the bent one goes to a PO Box.

My wife dug this lip stick tube at an old school. 

Zack found this fossil on the beach of Lake Erie.

 We accidently found a Geo Cache. I never knew anything of Geo caching until today. I cant wait to get my GPS to start geocaching on a regular basis. 

Found next to an old church accross from a bar.  

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